best comeback in the history of ever.

i hopped on the pats bandwagon way back in ‘96 - at some point in high school. 96, 01, 03, 04, 07, 11, 14, 16…that’s eight super bowl appearances - is that right? we don’t talk about 07. it’s been a good time.

the dust is settling. i’ve rewatched super bowl LI several times already, and but it’s still unbelievable. 28-3 midway thru the third. missed extra point. brady sacked a million times. dropped balls. pick 6. blount fumble. julio jones. freeman. down by 25. TWENTY FIVE. i was tweeting up a storm of nonsense and in multiple group texts trying to keep the faith - all from the fetal position.

the strip sack by hightower was totally the turning point, but a little before that…tom brady ran like 15 yards for a first down. a tiny voice said…he’s still in it. brady’s fighting…then brady went lights out. surgical precision. atlanta had to make some mistakes for all of this to work. so glad they did.

my mother actually convinced me to head downtown for the parade this morning. and we stood out there for probably 3 hours in the freezing, wet, cold to see the trophies make their way down tremont street. i was up high above the crowd, hanging on the edge of an empty tree enclosure thingy, with drunk college kids to grab a couple photos. shoutouts to brian and ella.

hey atlanta. i know how you’re feeling. we’ve been there. a couple times. it gets better.

excuse me, the game is playing again on the NFL network - a wonderful distraction from the current events - that rob me of sleep on a nightly basis.

roger that.

p.s. i wore a patriots onesie out in public.

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