retail is always working a few seasons ahead. we’re grinding out holiday shots in the heat of summer. across the board, fall is shot in the spring. summer is shot in the winter. spring is shot…in the fall. 

last fall, i shot alex and ani’s spring campaign. the leaves had already changed. it wasn’t too cold yet, but it sure did not look like spring in new england. so, we shot across 2 days, in a large indoor botanical garden - where it is spring year round. i’m pretty sure i saw a spider or two.

when the campaign released in their stores in late march, i drove down to the foxboro location at patriots’ place to check it out in person. i may have done the running man outside of the store. it’s kind of cool to see everything in it’s final form. they do such a good job with store visuals. 

there were also email/digital campaigns that supported the printed pieces.

one of the shots ran in the march 2017 issue of glamour magazine.

much love and heart emojis to everyone involved:

art direction tarah sutton + natalie feldman + alexi drago | production manager tracy trouf | stylist jacarina soto | HMU rachael berkowitz | tech megan pappadopolous | assistant will mccarthy | models serena marques + milena garbo

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