inspired by the work of my buddy, nora belal, i painted a few backdrops for a recent food shoot.

it’s a lot of spray, spray, blot, blot, spray, cry, blot, give up, spray, spray, brush, wait, drip, spray.

i bought several yards of blackout curtain material from jo-ann fabrics that was on sale for 40% off. i wish it was a little wider (to use for portraits + people), but it’s got a little weight to it and i think the back is coated, so the paint doesn’t soak through. 

if you spray the whole thing down with water first, or a super light watery paint mix, the first layer will blend better.

i used some paper towels to blot the canvas, whenever things were looking too uniform and continued making an underpainting with blues and greens.

once the base was done, i added some browns, greys and blacks on top, to tone down how bright the blue was. i think it was somewhere around here, when i wanted to give up and couldn’t see where it was going.

the backdrop started to take shape after the layers of darker neutrals were added.

i’ll post an image of the final piece being used for something. maybe. KMD

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