news flash. i’m still feeding the animals in the backyard. and after a three month long battle with a resident rat this past winter, i’m feeding them a little more responsibly. i’ve had to change up the types of feeders i have and be diligent on the daily clean up. overall, i’m putting out a lot less food as well. 

i finally got a few hummingbirds to come to the yard. maybe it’s the same one returning - but i’ve seen him/her.

my squirrel pal, nutty, is back and just kind of waits at the door in the morning. looking in the windows. i’ve also befriended a brave chipmunk, who comes way too close to me. i am snow white.

i want to get a photo of the hummingbirds before they make their way to their winter homes in mexico.

i’ve also seen a baby skunk in the yard, as well as 4 goldfinches and a northern flicker. not all in the same day.

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