i don’t want the hawk to eat the birds in the back yard. i know that by having a bird feeder, i create a busy spot in the hood, full of feathered friends.

i’ve seen the hawk for a few weeks now. he doesn’t trust me. as soon as i approach the window, he takes off. just before the patriots game tonight, i sat on my stairs by the window, in hopes to relieve some of my pre-playoff anxiety.

on the ground, under the feeder, was the hawk - tearing apart a little sparrow.

the sparrows and doves are so numerous around the yard, that i don’t really feel an emotional tie to them. but, if one of my other little guys was being torn to shreds…

a hawk has to eat too.

this guys is most likely a cooper’s hawk. the pictures are a little blurry, because my bird lady excitement and patriots playoff stress had combined.

hey dude. leave my birds alone.

predator vs. prey.


“i’m a chicken hawk!”

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