i look forward to mixfest every year. mostly because the backstreet boys were there last year…

this year featured: Magic! (why you gotta be so rude? don’t know i’m human too.), Jason Mraz, Christina Perri, O.A.R., and Phillip Phillips.

it started pouring during O.A.R.’s set. so that was fun…

i went with a weird bluish, muddy, black and white for these photos. why not.


i can’t lie. i wasn’t sure what to expect heading into this show. i figured it would probably be like that lonely island parody…and they kinda got it right. haha. four djs: calvin harris, duke dumont, ZEDD and amp 103.3’s own joe bermudez. add an arena full of young folks wearing…the most unique rave outfits. and you’ve got the electric bounce house.

i had to work, but i wanted to dance. the light show/laser show/set design was FLAWLESS. beautiful concert experience, regardless how you feel about electro house…electropop…partypop (i made that last one up). my spotify playlists now include ‘summer’, ‘blame’, ‘clarity’…and it’s hard not to fist pump on the commuter train.

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