the internet reminded me that the next super blood moon won’t be until 2033, so i got out of bed. i love the moon. the moon knows this. i dug out my camera and tripod and set out for the backyard. i follow meterologist dave epstein and many others on twitter, because i’m slightly obsessed with the weather and astronomy. i got the twitter play-by-play on the start and peak of the eclipse via my blackberry mobile device. as i stood alone in the front yard, watching earth cast it’s shadow on our moon, i couldn’t help but wonder what it would have been like if we didn’t know this was going to happen. i was thinking back to the egyptians or the shang dynasty. ancient people. imagine looking up to the sky and seeing the moon disappear and then turn red. chaos. human sacrifice. mayhem. end of times. apocalypse.

i’m glad our modern day beliefs inspire people to point their camera phone to the sky, so they can post a bright, blurry little dot in the night sky on instagram - instead of sending a spaceship filled with bruce willis, ben affleck and steve buschemi to drill and blow up the moon.


it’s birthday bash #2, starring: GRL, MKTO, Little MIX, Iggy Azalea and Austin Mahone.

this time…inside gillette statidum!

another hot, hot day with pre-teens all about. now that i am over 30 years of age, i am having trouble keeping up with the music of young people. :)

shout out to the crew over at AMP 103.3 radioPretty Polly Productions and Rainbow Production Services.

**R.I.P. Simone Battle of GRL.


i figured february would be a safe time to visit the desert. not too hot. all the snakes and tarantulas would be hibernating.

below are some iphone 4S photos. the top one is from the side of the road in goodyear, az. followed by my pentax hanging out on dante’s view in death valley. then, there is a moving car shot. and finally, me in the dunes.

i brought one suitcase for clothes and one suitcase for cameras. i rented a 14-28mm from lensprotogo for my dslr. i lugged the pentax 67. i had my gopro hero3. and my iphone. i shot one roll of 100 speed film with the camera set to 400. and shot one roll with the prism finder disconnected from the lens. couldn’t figure out why the exposure needle wasn’t moving. had fun shooting with it, regardless. developing, drying and scanning film takes forever. and i got dust on everything. but…still fun. here are some shots with the medium format camera. i can’t figure out what happened with the last 2 shots. either they scanned uneven or were developed unevenly?

i think that about covers it. we saw michael jackson’s ONE at the mirage. i didn’t get to drive. and pa dukes chain smoked the entire time.

oops. i forgot to post the pictures of the night sky. i’ll add those later. KMD

above is a quick video of my visit out west to hang with my father.  we drove from sun city, az to las vegas, nv to death valley, ca and back again. well, i was denied permission to drive. so, i took pictures out of the window. i had hoped that the patriots would make and win the super bowl and this would be a celebratory adventure, but we can’t win them all…can we? and i totally spelled foursquare wrong.

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