melissa tilley is a massart graduate, who reached out about shooting her REVIVAL collection.

i loved the color palette all of the detailing in the thread work. i also dig melissa’s core values, when it comes to sustainability. 

she writes: “throughout my studies, i have learned about the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet, communities, and people.  as a designer, it is important to me to be conscious of these consequences and make informed decisions about my materials and processes.  i use low-impact dyes in my garments, organic fabrics whenever possible, and i only use natural fibers.”


friends of thai daughters (FTD) is a secular NGO providing education, emotional support and housing to girls at risk of being trafficked in northern thailand. their mission is to prevent child trafficking in the golden triangle.

they hosted their sunflower celebration fundraiser night at the hunnewell carriage house at elm bank in wellesley. i was asked to photograph the event.

to support this organization, visit their website and please watch the video for more information.


i shot the july style opener for boston magazine. it was a full-length, one-pager. we shot it on the corner of seavern and centre street in jamaica plain. this is actually a very busy intersection - so there was a lot of dodging trucks and avoiding cars. a lot. but, we got the shot and the design director’s dog made a special celebrity appearance.

oh. one of the shots is in the table of contents. good times with the boston magazine crew: eric, toan, tommy, loren and laura. model: emma of maggie inc. photo assistant: will mccarthy.

i didn’t realize it was going to be in the best of boston issue. that’s cool! i’ve always read that one. <3

my little cousin, calvin, even picked up a copy.

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