late last year, i shot various workspace scenes that were styled by lauren d’avolio. these shots were used as background imagery by the team at joel markus design (m, inc.). joel and his team put in the tedious work of animating various scenarios, showing how engineers at Bose might be innovative and create new products and ideas. we heard that this played at a conference in amsterdam. nice work, joel and crew!

CLICK LINK TO WATCHhttps://player.vimeo.com/video/162288666

client: bose

creative: joel markus

design and production: joel markus

animation: david so, francois berelowitch, joel markus

music: jim anderson

sound design: chris anderson

stylist: lauren d’avolio

photographer: karin dailey


sometimes i’ll sit in front of a blank piece of paper and not know where to start. watercolor ready. pencils ready. markers ready. pastels ready. me? not ready. not feeling it. uninspired. too inspired. no ideas. a thousand ideas..

this latest series of watercolor and scribbles started as a warm-up exercises. something to force me to put the brush to the paper and go. they will hopefully continue to evolve and become more refined as i figure out what works together and experiment some more. i like how they resemble the artwork of a toddler. kind of unintentional. full of happy mistakes. they almost look angry, but they came from a peaceful place.

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