here are three more sketches of sneakers. not as dirty as the last set. i’ve been reading through some of danny gregory’s books for inspiration. he talks about how to “express ourselves fully and take part in the creative process without fear.” i’m just at the beginning of this. i have a lot of fear about what i create. or i should say - fear about sharing what i create. is it good enough? will people like it? it doesn’t look like the work of some of the artist i admire. does that even matter?

drawing these sneakers was an exercise in me taking the steps all the way through to completion. pencil, ink, watercolor, scan. i picked sneakers because the shoe laces looked intimidating and complex - and the colors were fun. 

the initial pencil drawings took the longest. but, little sketches like these are simple drills in putting the pencil to the paper and trying to see the object.

my brother has been drawing almost every day since he was probably 7 and his rendering of these sneakers would be 1,000 times more realistic and 1,000 times better.

give me another 30 years of drawing and i’ll catch up, bro.

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